• Wikipedia: Estadística.
  • Wikipedia: Statistics.
  • Glosario de términos estadísticos. (Traducción a multitud de idiomas)
  • Traducciones a ingles de artículos y trabajos. bcctranslations.
  • G*Power 3 (general power analysis program)
    • Power values for given sample sizes, effect sizes, and alpha levels (post hoc power analyses),sample sizes for given effect sizes, alpha levels, and power values (a priori power analyses), and alpha and beta values for given sample sizes, effect sizes, and beta/alpha ratios (compromise power analyses). .)
  • Software de Aleatorización
    • randomization.com. (where it’s never the same thing twice). Varios generadores de planes de aleatorización de experimentos.
    • Clinstat. Clinstat is a simple MS-DOS program for teaching and learning medical statistics. Clinstat has no relationship to any commercial software of similar name. Clinstat is in the public domain. You can download Clinstat as self-expanding file clin.exe and a text file version of the manual as clinman.txt.
  • AE-Valores-predictivos.xls : Una de las muchas hojas de cálculo que hay en la web que te ayudan a calcular Valores predictivos, Sensibilidad, Especificidad, Razones, .. de pruebas diagnosticas.
  • TightVNC Software (Escritorios remotos, asistencia remota, tele enseñanza,..). Solo viewer para win.
  • Free statistical software (compendio y links a programas gratuitos de estadística)
  • Free Statistics (Software open source y gratuito, tutóriales, y otras cosas bastante interesantes)
  • Merge & split PDF files (unir y separar ficheros pdf). ilovepdf.com
  • Lime Survey.org. Para abreviar una historia muy larga: LimeSurvey tiene un montón de funcionalidades. LimeSurvey básicamente contiene todo lo que necesitas para elaborar casi cualquier encuesta posible.
  • Permutation test. Permutation-based statistical tests for multiple hypotheses. To correct for the occurrence of false positives, validation tests based on multiple testing correction, such as Bonferroni and Benjamini and Hochberg, and re-sampling, such as permutation tests, are frequently used. Despite the known power of permutation-based tests, most available tools offer such tests for either t-test or ANOVA only. Less attention has been given to tests for categorical data, such as the Chi-square. This project takes a first step by developing an open-source software tool, Ptest, that ad

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