Más empresas que emplean R en entornos de producción

Aquí os dejamos un pequeño resumen de algunos casos, publicados recientemente en el portal Microsoft Customer Stories, de ejemplos de empresas que empleann R en entornos de producción…

La información original podéis leerla en: www.r-bloggers.com

  • eToro, the social trading network, uses Microsoft R Server and Azure Machine Learning so that investors can automatically duplicate market strategies and actual investment decisions of successful traders in the eToro network to use in their own portfolios.

  • Acxiom, the marketing analytics company, is using SQL Server R Services to build more accurate models using larger data sets, which results in more precisely targeted marketing for customers.

  • Merck, the pharmaceutical company, is using Microsoft R Server for Hadoop to analyze the various factors that affect the cold chain such as origin, destination, shipment route, external weather, and logistics providers. With an improved temperature-controlled supply route, Merck can reduce wastage caused by temperature fluctuations.

  • PROS, the dynamic pricing software company, uses Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with R Services to to keep up-to-the-minute pricing accurate, competitive, and profitable.

  • WorldSmart, the retail technology specialist, uses Azure Stream Analytics services and Microsoft R Server to drive several of its Machine Learning forecasts and analysis.

  • dv01, the financial reporting and analytics platform, uses Microsoft SQL Server 2016 running on Azure Virtual Machines and R to bring greater transparency to the consumer lending market.

  • Heartland Bank, in New Zealand, replaced SAS with Microsoft R Server and SQL Server to analyze risk, evaluate credit lines, and understand cash flows.

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