useR!2017 en Bruselas del 4 al 7 de julio.

The full schedule of talks for useR!2017, the global R user conference, has now been posted. The conference will feature 16 tutorials, 6 keynotes, 141 full talks, and 86 lightning talks starting on July 5 in Brussels. That’s a lot to fir into 4 days, but I’m especially looking forward to the keynote presentations:

  • 20 years of CRAN (Uwe Ligges)
  • Parallel Computation in R: What We Want, and How We (Might) Get It (Norm Matloff)
  • Structural Equation Modeling: models, software and stories (Yves Roseel)
  • Teaching data science to new useRs (Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel)
  • Dose-response analysis: considering dose both as qualitative factor and quantitative covariate using R (Ludwig Hothorn)
  • R tools for the analysis of complex heterogeneous data (Isabella Gollini)

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I hope you can attend too! Registration is still open if you’d like to join in. You can find the complete schedule linked below.

Sched: useR!2017

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